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September 10, 2020, 9:00 AM

“And God said, ‘Let Us make humanity in Our image according to Our likeness…’”

-Genesis 1:26a


Have you found yourself demanding? Demanding customer service, demanding obedience from children, results from employees, latitude from parents, teachers, or employers, demanding more affection or understanding from loved ones? Demands often begin as unspokens. They escalate rapidly into frustration, anger, and outbursts erupting in vile displays of ungodliness exposing the tyrant within.

Our God of Eternal Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit, created us in Their image (relational) according to Their likeness (altruistic, benevolent, selfless, compassionate, considerate…). The scandal of Eden revealed our inherent and twisted desire to reign and rule supreme. In expelling God from our hearts we expel ourselves from paradise- His life-giving Presence.


In our pervasive and unyielding endeavor to reign, we utilize every tool at our disposal: affection, influence, pity, appearance, power, and position to manipulate circumstances for favorable outcomes. Our internal battle cry, “Lord, not Your will, but MINE be done!” Sin’s rampant residue is exposed in our relationships at home, at work, at play… always and everywhere seeking and seizing the throne.


King Jesus, the eternal and rightful Sovereign, unveils His desire and design for us in Scripture: made in His image according to His likeness. Not to rule as demanding tyrants or vile dictators but as servants. He stepped down from His lofty throne, took on flesh, modeled, taught, lived, loved, and served... even unto death on a cross.


Today, as we go, will it be loving and serving to reveal Christ as King, or demanding, expecting, manipulating, exploiting, and exposing the tyrant within?



-Pastor Kevin



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