Self or Savior?
July 1, 2020, 12:00 AM

Scripture tells us how things turn out. It doesn’t end with a parade celebrating us. It doesn’t end with us celebrating individual “courage” for switching genders, for self-identifying as whatever is in vogue today, for “alternative” lifestyles, with tyrannical rule by a Hitler-figure or anti-Christ, with anarchy, or with annihilation.

The King is coming back soon, and it’s not to bring salvation. He’s already done that at the Cross. It’s to gather together those whom He knew, those who repented from the sin of rebellion, independence, autonomy, pride and self-righteousness. Those who surrender in humility to His glorious and gracious sovereignty as rightful and eternal King. Those who accepted His gift of faith.

At that point, Scripture tells us, “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

All of God’s creation, the entire cosmos and everything in it, people, angels, demons, stars, rocks, plants, animals... literally EVERYTHING, will bow down in submission, recognition, and confession of Christ’s rightful lordship. Everyone!

Some of us, the sheep of the Good Shepherd’s flock will do it willingly, joyfully, and thankfully as worship in spirit & truth. The rest, the goats, will do it reluctantly, out of spite and in bitterness through gnashing teeth, but EVERYONE will.

The sin parade will be brought to an abrupt halt - momentarily. Everything will stop. Everything and everyone will acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. Some will change allegiance in a final gracious opportunity to respond... then eternity will begin.

Some will enter the unimaginable bliss of His presence forever.
The rest will joyfully resume their sin-parade to the end of the street, down into the darkest gloom of eternal separation from the Giver of Life, willfully wading deeper and deeper into unending and self-imposed torment.

We know how it ends. Everyone will bow and confess. The question is, will you do it joyfully as worship or reluctantly in bitterness? The way we live today and who we’re living for... self or Savior, provides the answer.

Kevin M. Kelley
Pastor, PBC