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February 6, 2021, 10:42 AM

There is a way that appears to be right,
    but in the end, it leads to death.
-Proverbs 14:12

When people identifying as Christians adopt heretical language such as, “The Bible is unknowable because God is mysterious and unknowable,” they're actually spewing lies and blasphemy.

Revelation, disclosure, from the Greek word “a-poc-a-lup-sis,” are neither words of "unknowable mystery" nor ominous foreboding destruction. They are words describing the exposure of truth, unveiling, and of making something undeniably evident.

Scripture tells us God’s invisible qualities, power, and divinity have been made apparent from that which has been created/made (Rom 1:20), i.e. the creation and finely-tuned design of the entire cosmos down to each unique grain of sand.

Nature not only reveals evidence of The Creator, Whom The Bible identifies as Jesus (Gen 1&2; John 1:3; Col 1:16; 1 Cor 8:6; Heb 1:2), but states nature itself declares the glory, majesty, transcendence, perfection, and holiness of this eternal God of Trinity (Psalm 19:1-6).

Therefore, the lie, blasphemy, and heresy that God is a total mystery, exclusively nebulous, and completely unknowable is thrice-debunked by 1) nature, 2) Scripture, and 3) Christ Jesus, Immanuel, God incarnate.

Additionally, statements like, “Nobody really knows what the Bible means,” are only true for those who know not the Divine Author: God Almighty, Who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These kinds of statements are not merely innocent comments for they call into question the authority, inerrancy, and wisdom of Scripture.

Are there translations of the Bible that are more reliable, truer, and closer to the earliest manuscripts? Absolutely. Are there translations that are more fluid in order to communicate more effectively in common language? Absolutely. There are dozens of reliable orthodox translations (CSB, NIV, ESV, BSB, etc) - but more importantly - they are neither in conflict, competition, nor are they contradictory. They all reveal the same Truth: Jesus. Christ. Immanuel. Descended from David. Eternally God. Resurrected on the third day. Coming soon.

Are there parts of the Bible that are difficult? Certainly. The great missionary, evangelist, and Apostle, Paul, even stated, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then I shall know fully too, as I am known.” (1 Cor 13:12). But Paul wasn't talking about teachings such as:

  • the eternal nature of God as Holy Trinity
  • the total depravity of humanity;
  • the eternal fullness of Christ’s deity - uncreated and Eternal Creator
  • the necessity of His substitutionary atonement;
  • Jesus’ incarnation, death, burial, and resurrection; the Holy Spirit as a distinct Person and personality vs. a “force” or symbol
  • Satan as a real and created being - rebellious angel - tempter - devil - accuser who leads the whole world astray vs a “symbol” of human evil
  • the need for humans to be born-again by grace through faith in Christ as the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life
  • Christ’s inevitable return to impose eternal judgment - separating those who are faithful sheep unto eternal life vs. those rebellious goats unto eternal torment...

These things, and many more, are certainly NOT “unknowable," “unsearchable,” or "debatable," but revealed, exposed, unveiled, disclosed, and made known by God in order to demonstrate His undying faithful love for us.

Our willful choice "in Adam" (1 Cor 15:22) to reject God has left all humanity blind, naked, and dead in our transgressions. We aren't sick. We aren't "mostly dead." We didn't fall "upward" toward maturity and heaven )as liberal "theologians" would have us believe). We don’t need morality, a "new world order," better government programs, better leaders in educational and political arenas, the Christianization of culture, or anything other than King Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer, and Lord. The one thing we NEED is the One Who died at the Cross of Calvary to bring about The Father’s vision: “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done.”

Universalism is the lie that everyone: Buddhists, moral relativists, mystics, new agers, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Jews... everyone from Hitler and pedophiles to Mother Teresa and Gandhi, will enter into heaven regardless of what they do, what they believe, or whom/what they worship.

Jesus did not mince words when He stated emphatically, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven" (Matt 7:21). The "will of the Father" isn't "unknowable. It is to repent from our sin-nature and to surrender, abandon, yield, die to self, be born-again by the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ and to live as disciples, followers, living-testimonies of His grace until He returns or calls us home.

Scripture is also very clear in many places (both OT and NT) the path leading to death and destruction is wide. But Jesus, the Narrow Gate, is the ONLY Way, and few accept this undeniable, revealed, disclosed, evident reality and unyielding Truth.

Revelation 20:15 tells us that -ALL- whose names are not written in the Book of Life, those who are rebels, idolaters, liars, cowards, unfaithful, manipulators, sexually immoral... all those NOT found "in Christ," those not known by Him, will have an eternal residence in the Lake of Fire. A very different story than universalism's lie that all roads lead to heaven.

If the revealed truths of Scripture are NOT what you cling to, if they’re NOT your “personal beliefs,” then please don’t mangle, tarnish, and pervert the true Gospel. Please stop using the title “Christian” to describe yourself. Please don’t call yourself a follower of King Jesus when, in reality, your worldview, your philosophy, your agenda, and your will are precisely that - your own, which is the original sin of Eden.

Readers, please know with all certainty God is knowable. Not as "mystery" or an external force or symbol, but best and most reliably in and through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice at the Cross as revealed throughout the WHOLE of Scripture. If that were NOT revealed, then our “faith” truly would be useless, as would everything that flows from it - because as Paul wrote everything that does not come from (legit) faith (in Christ) is sin... and elsewhere, "for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus."

King Jesus, the WORD, the Anchor for our souls behind the veil, is most certainly revealed and knowable. He put Himself on public display at the Cross in order to be reconciled with humanity. Will you continue in down your own path that inevitably leads to destruction and eternal separation from Christ, or will you call out to Him in repentance and surrender? Will you cry out for eyes to see and ears to hear The Truth?