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Reality Check
November 5, 2020, 10:00 AM

Schizophrenia is neither a joke nor a laughing matter. A simplistic definition of schizophrenia is a fracture or discontinuity between perception and reality leading to destructive values, thoughts, and behaviors.

Science, psychiatry, and religion have no solution to the sickness of humanity. Its evidence and fingerprints abound across every genre of human expression and existence: art, war, sports, poetry, music, dance, cinema: The plight, plague, and havoc of fallen humanity wrought upon the world is everywhere. Scientists desperately attempt to convince us we're "evolving" despite any actual science involved and all evidence to the contrary.

If the world were truly "evolving," what role or mechanism do "mental health" issues play? Psychiatry, the study, and treatment of mental illnesses and "abnormal" behavior (defined by whom?), has no answers or solution for schizophrenia. The field considers it "progress" that patients are no longer locked in physical cages, shocked, leeched, drilled, bled, or burned at the stake. Meanwhile, schizophrenics are trapped in cages of fractured realities and drug-induced comatose states so we can feel good about our "ethical treatment" of them.

World religions have long submitted and surrendered to the onslaught of science's media campaign touting "superiority" in all things tangible, i.e. the "real world." Following the Scopes Monkey Trial, Christians and Christianity readily followed suit - effectively reducing "church" to a place where religious audiences "go," or merely a thing "good people" should "do" on Sundays. Nevermind the biblical reality: The Church is to be the Bride and Body of King Jesus - effectively advancing His kingdom as divinely empowered ambassadors of unity, grace, and love.

Schizophrenia is defined as a long-term disorder involving a breakdown between thought, emotion, and behaviors, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion resulting in mental fragmentation.

With that definition in mind, now consider:

We vehemently object to the "pathetic" and "absurd" notion of an invisible, almighty, and eternal entity, God, who created and sustains the material cosmos - despite all evidence pointing to intelligent design and cosmic fine-tuning. We'll reject the God who became incarnate around 4 B.C. in Bethlehem - despite archaeological and historical evidence. We'll reject God, who was crucified atop a hill outside of Jerusalem - despite textual reliability and coherence from ancient manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls We'll reject God, who was resurrected, ascended - despite historical witnesses and attestation. We'll reject God, who promised to return one day, thus providing meaning, purpose, redemption, and resolution to every need of human existence and answer every question of human life.

Meanwhile, we'll eagerly accept and readily embrace the insane notion of having thousands of "friends" because social media tells us so. Tell those thousands of "friends" you're moving and see who shows up to help.

We'll call microbes, viruses, and bacteria evidence of "life," yet we deny developing babies in their mothers' wombs the same designation. The obvious solution to the inconvenience of bringing a child to term is to 1) dehumanize babies, 2) legitimize murder, and 3) repeat frequently (under government subsidy) - rather than upholding the sanctity of life and joyfully blessing families with the opportunity to adopt, love, and realize each little person's potential.

We embrace and celebrate “coexistence” and the "courage" of people choosing to embrace "alternative lifestyles," and those who choose to "self-identify" as members of the opposite gender, animals, or inanimate objects. Meanwhile openly discriminating, violently protesting, and hatefully opposing anyone who believes differently.

We're desperately addicted to electronic devices. We’re seeking meaningful relationships, authentic connections, and social acceptance/approval via disconnected and impersonal platforms devoid of substance and wholly incapable of any such outcomes.

We blame God, religion, and the church rather than people -ourselves- for OUR twisted values, exploitation, selfishness, depravity, psychosis, addictions, impulses, poor choices, vulgarity, and carnal behaviors.

What is schizophrenia again? “The breakdown between thought, emotion, and behaviors, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships and delusion."

If mental illness were truly the objective assessment of "abnormal behaviors," rather than a merely subjective and arbitrary determination of current "unacceptable and unpopular behaviors," the standard wouldn't migrate at the whim of popular opinion. Then, we'd all find ourselves guilty as charged: schizophrenics suffering from the systemic impact of Eden - sin (and its delusion), resulting from our abject rejection of, and separation from, Christ our Savior.

Science hasn't the answer to the plight of humanity. Philosophy hasn't the answer. Social media hasn't the answer. Government hasn’t the answer. Religion hasn't the answer. Nothing and no one does - except King Jesus.

In the 1999 movie, The Matrix, people were given a choice to take the "red pill" or "blue pill. In reading this you've been issued a "reality check" and choice too: You can choose the "blue pill" and withdraw back into schizophrenic delusions and eternal separation from life and reality: "Jesus is King." Conversely, you can choose the "red pill" and accept the harsh but legit reality of your sin, your rebellion, your depravity, your inability - and the exclusivity of King Jesus' grace and love despite all of it.

Schizophrenia truly is no joke. Your eternal destination hangs in the balance. How will you respond to the truth and reality of the Gospel: Jesus is King?

-Pastor Kevin