August 20, 2020, 12:00 AM

Like shooting stars blazing across the night's sky...


Our enemy, the adversary (satan), the eternally defeated one, deeply desires for us to believe. Not in the unique, perfect, and holy God of eternal Trinity who is Father, Son, and Spirit... but that he and God do not exist. The adversary convinces us through lies and deception, and we readily abandon ourselves unto a myriad of ultimately worthless pursuits.


When the Spirit of God graciously stirs our hearts, when we call out for deliverance from our prison of sin, God immediately snatches us from the clutches of the enemy whose next line of defense is to minimize impact.


The enemy tells us, tells you, our lives are insignificant. "Seize and squeeze the day for yourself!"


He whispers subtle yet convincing lies that our ministry is "minuscule," our faith is "feeble,” and our "ordinary" life is “mundane." The crafty serpent wants us to believe we're nothing like the "real" heroes of faith in Scripture, that our existence is incomparable to the "magnificent" martyrs of history. God says otherwise. We are the pinnacle of the Creator's creation! The King of Eternity paid for us with His own blood!


Satan will innocently imply, "You won't be missed in gospel fellowship!" He encourages us to sleep in, stay home, watch the show, take a day off. He tries to convince us our divine gifts, extravagant contributions, and joyful presence in the Body of Christ are utterly meaningless. He incessantly pesters us to play the deadly church game of “hide-and-seek,” skipping out on fellowship for no other reason than to see if anyone notices.


If they do notice our absence, we complain of feeling "harassed." If they don't, we wallow in the self-inflicted misery of being “dismissed,” or "deserted.” All attention should be on worshiping Christ rather than any twisted attempt to steal His spotlight.


The adversary's inheritance is eternal gloom, not glory! There's no mystery about the story's ending. The tomb is empty! The Christ is risen! He's returning soon to gather His redeemed Bride unto Himself! What will you do with your redemption in Christ between now and then? Listen to the enemy's lies? Play games? Squander divine gifts purchased by the King’s blood at Calvary? Pursue worthless decaying things of the world? Or will you have an IMPACT for Jesus and His eternal glory?


Somewhere in northern Ghana an orphanage and school were started with nothing more than a little boy's obedience in donating his modest savings for a toy...


Somewhere in eastern China a hospital for women with HIV and baby girls rescued from fields and human sex trafficking was started with a dream from a young woman once raped while on mission there…


Just like the poor widow who gave two tiny coins in joyful obedience abandon unto Christ, there's no limit to what God can - and will - do with our surrender... our abandon unto Him... with love and lives poured out for Him and His eternal glory!


Like shooting stars blazing across the night's sky... as one drop of water sends ripples across the ocean... one simple act of obedience unto Christ... lights up the darkness and sends ripples across eternity!


What will your IMPACT be today?

Kevin M. Kelley
Pastor, PBC