A Place for You!

Everything we do as Poetry Baptist Church is done with YOU in mind (Phil 2:3).

The only reason why any of us are able to know and serve God is due to the grace He extends to us in Christ Jesus. Poetry isn't an exclusive country club with a "Members ONLY" mentality. We're a united family of disciples redeemed by His grace, and that by no merit of our own. Our exclusive ministry is that of sharing the love, grace, and truth of Christ.

The ministry of the Gospel takes on many facets, all of which are determined by the uniquely gifted people whom God chooses to bless our fellowship with.
Poetry Baptist Church is all about the ministry of the Gospel - not programs or attendance numbers.

While PBC is the oldest Baptist Church in the county (est. 1855), we have never stopped growing and have never stopped getting excited about what God is doing in our congregation and community!

PBC isn't about production or drive-thru "check the box" religion. We're about authentic, maturing, thriving relationships in Christ Jesus.

If you're looking for a perfectly polished commuter church, or a place where you can get lost in the crowd... you won't find that at Poetry. But if you're looking for a place where you can experience the transformative love and joy of Christ in an honest Christian community, then you'll definitely enjoy getting to know our church family here at PBC. We're not perfect, but our Savior is. That's why everything we do directs people to Jesus!

We look forward to seeing you, serving you, and serving with you for Christ's eternal glory!

Kevin M. Kelley
Senior Pastor